Rosemary Pure Essential Oil


Rosemary pure essential oil is obtained from steam distillation of rosemary leaves.


Rosemary Pure Essential Oil
Botanical Name: Rosemarinus officinalis
Origin : Tunisia
Part used : Leaves
Extraction method : Steam Distillation
Scents : Warm, herbal and woody
Aromatherapy benefits: Refreshing and stimulating, improve focus, concentrations and memory .
Skin Benefit :Stimulates cell renewal. Improves dry or mature skin, clear acne, blemish and dull skin. Helpful in treating cellulite.
Hair Benefits: Cleanses, nourish the scalp and keep hair looking healthy and shiny. Normalizes excessive oil secretion and improves scalp problem.

Precautions: Rosemary oil may elevates blood pressure. It may irritating to sensitive skin,


100ml, 1L