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In the realm of turning passion into a thriving profession, one remarkable individual stands out: Mr. Mohd Khairil Said, the founder, owner, and MD of Tropical Bioessence Sdn Bhd. More than 16 years ago, Mr. Khairil embarked on a journey as a Research Officer at the prestigious Melaka Institute of Biotechnology. It was during this time that his expertise in extracting botanical extracts and essential oils bloomed, leading him to discover the profound power these natural wonders held.

Driven by an unwavering passion for essential oils, Mr. Khairil transformed his profound knowledge into reality through the establishment of Tropical Bioessence Sdn. Bhd. With this venture, he sought to share his matchless expertise with millions around the world, empowering them to support their health and transform their lives.

The crowning achievement of Mr. Khairil’s expertise is the creation of SUTRA, a product based on essential oils and herbal extracts. This remarkable blend embodies the culmination of his extensive research and deep understanding of the therapeutic power of plants.

Beyond being a visionary entrepreneur, Khairil epitomizes the spirit of Tropical Bioessence and SUTRA as he passionately strives to build a company that advocates total wellbeing for people, irrespective of borders or boundaries. Driven by a firm belief in the power of essential oils, his mission is to enhance the lives of individuals everywhere, every single time.

With his profound dedication and unparalleled knowledge, Mr. Khairil is not only transforming the essential oil industry but also the lives of countless individuals who have experienced the incredible benefits of Tropical Bioessence’s products. His unwavering commitment to holistic well-being continues to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible mark on the world of natural health and beauty.